Laura Loomer’s home congressional district, Florida 21, is the THE defining battleground race for the 2020 Elections.

Just look what she’s done in her career as an investigative journalist and ask yourself, “Will Democrats and the liberal media allow Laura to win or will they do everything they can to defeat her?”

The answer is clear: Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is going to make Laura’s race THE TOP focus in 2020.

And it’s going to take ALL OF US to bond together to support Laura through November of 2020.

  • If you want Laura to win . . .
  • If you want her to eviscerate the socialist agenda of “the Squad” . . .
  • If you want her to use her Congressional authority to investigate the Deep State . . .
  • If you want Laura to stand firm representing YOUR values in the halls of Congress as Democrats move further to the left . . .

. . . then support Laura Loomer today.

Donate all that you can, up to the legal limit!

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