Then Help Elect Laura Loomer!

Laura is taking on Do-Nothing Republican Daniel Webster in Congress.

Want to know how Congressman Webster has earned the name “Do-Nothing Dan”?

For starters, Rep. Webster didn’t bother to cast a vote in the second sham impeachment of President Trump.  While other Republicans were on the House floor, fighting for President Trump, Webster didn’t even bother to show up!

But that wasn’t the only vote Do-Nothing Dan missed.

In the first half of 2021, Congressman Webster has missed 21% of House votes!

And that’s nothing new.  Since his reelection in 2013, Webster has racked up quarterly absentee rates as high as 29%!

Imagine if we missed work 29% of the time?

We’d be jobless in a heartbeat.

But for incumbents in Congress who have a cushy six-figure salary, health insurance, a comfortable pension, they get a little lazy, and a lot more arrogant.  After all, it’s up to voters to fire them, and that’s so rare, right?

Not this time!

Laura Loomer is running against this Do-Nothing Republican. 

Help her get to work for America today:

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